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We want to thrill, surprise, delight and listen to our clients as well as the customers of our clients.
We will gladly discuss surprising your customers with you, so call or come visit us!

Jyrki Aittola

Jyrki Aittola

CEO, Senior Partner and a natural-born strategist and innovator of business who constantly looks for new ideas and points of view.

+358 40 5036 625

Martina Haglund

Martina Haglund

A professional trade fair organizer, experienced in events and programs of all sizes and styles, from fishing demos to test drives and seminars. Life is not to be taken too seriously.


We are constantly looking for new, skilful doers who have a Woltti attitude. If you have the passion to stir and surprise, the skill to see the big picture without forgetting the details and a heart that beats for the customer, please apply for a position at Woltti!

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Marianne Hokkanen

Marianne Hokkanen

Creative Planner whos roots are in the convention field are in events booming with ideas and content.

+358 44 0885 789

HP Hämäläinen

Head of Production, an engine of production and the champion of clients, who always thinks of the process and customer service.

+358 40 7395 626

Johanna Joutsen

Johanna Joutsen

Account Director, Sustainability Lead, who concentrates listening to the client and customising completely new, disruptive and memorable international concepts of events.

+358 44 73 77 800

Hannele Kallio

Project Manager who takes care of the production of company events in Finland and abroad.

+358 40 5038666

Hans Karlsson

Account Director who enjoys the company of people, and the best thing in his work are the moments when he can implement the commissions of clients together with them.

+358 44 7574 074

We build encounters between brands and people all the way down to the very last detail. We listen closely to our customers and we understand their dreams, wishes and fears. We are a partner to them for strategic management initiatives as well as versatile consumer campaigns.

David Kaye

David Kaye

An easily approachable Creative Director who loves to play intellectual pingpong.

+358 44 284 5493

Olavi Kaste

Art Director who will have a sketch ready for you while you are talking to him.

+358 50 410 4810

Jarkko Kivikoski

Jarkko Kivikoski

Business Director who’s inspired by challenges and new unforeseen solutions.

+358 50 3848 993

Outi Kinnunen

Inspiration and trend seeker for parties and events.

+358 40 939 7088

Jukka Kosunen

Project Director who can carry out the technical implementations of anything related to sound, images or lighting.

+358 40 739 1522

We plan and execute unforgettable events and situations so people can encounter your brand. Memorable encounters make everyone act and commit. Genuine encounters create immediate and measurable results.

Matti Lipponen

Senior Producer who takes care of events from festival and concert productions to corporate events.

+358 44362 0545

Suvi Mannonen (on maternity leave)

Project Manager with a can-do attitude who doesn’t like to lose.

+358 40 736 9930

Jukka Mäkelä

Account Director who is a firm believer in interaction and personal meetings.

+358 40 5323 301

Roy-Petri Pashur

CTO, Senior Partner with over twenty years of experience in broadcasting and events technology.

+358 50 525 2627

Oona Rissanen

Project Manager who’s enthusiastic about creative marketing solutions and meeting people.

+358 45 3547 235

Terhi Toivonen

Terhi is a creative, social and customer service minded marketing professional who has a vast experience in planning and commercialization of digital services.

+35840 735 4055

Jyri Räsänen

A solution-oriented, enthusiastic, goal-oriented and easy-going Account Director and a Partner who is interested in yoga and philosophy.

+358 40 5563 041

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