Sales work can be arduous, but a well-planned and inspirationally implemented virtual event can reach customer after customer. Find out which areas you should not fail in and how to ensure a successful virtual sales encounter.

Wolttigroup’s Sales Director Ninni Arion knows the pain of every b2b seller. How do you reach new customers when the continuing coronavirus pandemic makes traditional approaches difficult, or even impossible?

“Sales work can be arduous at times,” Arion confesses, but immediately and excitedly adds: “A year ago I would not have believed how inspiring and compelling the details of a successful virtual event can be. During 2021, we at Wolttigroup carried out over 200 virtual events, and we have learned how to create good and successful virtual interaction which can support other sales work.”

One of the upsides of a virtual event is also speed. “Depending on the contents of the event, Wolttigroup can plan and implement a virtual event in a month,” Arion says.

The secrets to good virtual events

The foundation of any virtual event, be it a large half-day occasion or a concise half-hour meeting, is good planning. “It cannot be an online repetition of a physical event, nor a shopping channel-style barrage, which you see often, nor a YouTube recording. A virtual encounter must be planned and built with the methods and conditions of new media,” Arion says.

Good planning incorporates purpose: what you want to do and why, who you want to reach and how, what you want to achieve, and how to tell how well you have succeeded. “These are the basic things in all event planning. They must be carried out through the methods of virtual events.”

One of the first points of failure is the invitation process for a virtual event. “Each of us has unread invitations to interesting webinars sitting in our junk mail. Of course it is necessary to use electronic channels, but you cannot rely on them and should instead ensure the desired target audience receives the information through different means.”

In virtual encounters, functional, inspiring and inclusive details are very important. “What happens right before the event? The start of an event can be raised to the next level when, ten minutes before the event, participants can see a behind the scenes video or a DJ is there to play music, for example,” says Arion.

This same importance of details can be seen in virtual events. “Many an interesting webinar has its contents ruined by a boring performance. When performing online, energy levels need to be higher than in a live event: even over-excited, energising and compelling. To ensure this, you can use the same tricks as tv shows, such as tracking shots and edits, as well as other interactive methods which will keep the audience interested and willing to sit in front of the screen.”

“A good script does not end when the virtual event ends, but gives the audience an opportunity to continue the event, for example, through moderated virtual discussions,” says Arion.

Here is how to ensure a successful virtual sales encounter

Virtual events are a new and constantly developing form of sales encounter. “Instead of companies having to learn how virtual encounters should be built through trial and error, it is best to work together with an experienced partner. Good partners like us at Woltti already know how a virtual event’s intensity is built to succeed in different ways through key details, how to support a customer’s purchase journey, and how to integrate virtual events with the other procedures of sales,” Arion says.

In Arion’s experience, the keys to a successful virtual event are as follows:

  • What to do, for who, and why, have been thought out purposefully.
  • Good and detailed planning.
  • A professional studio environment in use.
  • Scripted to awaken interest.
  • Presented by professionals, making the experience smoother.
  • The company’s own experts focus on the core contents.
  • An easy-to-use and intuitive virtual event user interface. No point in adding special features the audience does not know how to use.

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