Digital services & videos

Content first

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth even more. We at Woltti will help you illustrate important messages and tell stories with the help of digital content and channels. Videos, presentations and other digital content are outstanding tools to affect emotions, whether it is about a single important meeting, a convention, a seminar or an event.

Scalable content creation

With scalable content creation solutions, your message gets across all channels efficiently. When content is created, utilising digital channels increases the lifespan of the content and helps reach the target audience better. Analytics tell how successful the encounters and events have been.

Modern technology can help transmit your message to the audience, but technology that does not work can ruin an entire event. Quality is in the technical details.

Data collection and analysis

We at Woltti have developed many sales tools for encounter marketing. With their help, encounters will always leave a digital imprint. The applications work flexibly across different devices and are customisable & cost-efficient for our customers’ use and at events.

Our versatile know-how consists of

  • Video production
  • Moving image
  • Animation production
  • Streaming
  • Broadcasting
  • Event screen solution
  • Showroom video solutions
  • Content creation
  • Creative scriptwriting
  • Graphic design
  • Branding

Our other Services

Internal communication

The best tool for affecting emotions are events. A well-organised event as a part of change management pays for itself in satisfied employees who will eventually lead to satisfied customers.

Event production

At the core of every event is the client. What touches them, what makes them say wow? An impressive event doesn’t just happen. Good planning is the key to a successful event.

Concepts & strategy

With events, people’s emotions can be affected even more efficiently than via television, but without strategic thinking, your efforts are haphazard.

International events

A single contact person who takes care of everything related to organising an international event on your behalf makes daily life substantially easier. We at Woltti have planned and organised hundreds of international events in almost every part of the world.

Experiential marketing

Experiential marketing creates the strongest emotional imprint, and it offers the most effective way to engage customers with the brand.

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