DNA MovieXperience – Such Is Life

A DNA MovieXperience concept was created for the adaption of the brand renewal and the training of the employees.

One brand, many target groups

In spring 2015, DNA launched a brand renewal for all their personnel. The schedule was tight and the launch was made challenging by three very different target groups, comprising almost 2,500 employees throughout Finland. The objective was to make the personnel genuinely excited about the DNA brand strategy and renewal, as well as to reflect on how the employees can personally affect their own work.

Be the movie star of your own life

A DNA MovieXperience concept was created for the adaption of the brand renewal and the training of the employees. The objective of the concept was to make the brand strategy more concrete for the employees and to communicate the change through different events and digital media.

The employees were divided into groups of about ten people. Each group created their own short film that they thought best described the new DNA brand. While making the movies, each employee was able to experience moviemaking and how successes can be reached by collaborating with other people. By planning the content and message of the movie together, the employees internalised DNA’s strategy.

Participatory and rewarding internal communications

DNA’s personnel could watch, comment and vote on the movies on DNA’s internal social media channels. The concept culminated in a DNA MovieXperience gala, where the best role performances were awarded. The gala was streamed so that all employees could participate in the event. The DNA stores’ concept included an entertaining DNA Good & Bad News section and the personnel at DNA’s call centre were encouraged to share photos and videos where DNA played a role in the people’s daily lives. The photos and videos were shared on DNA’s internal social media channels and the ones with the most votes won the prestigious Such Is Life experience award.

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