Event production

Amaze, surprise and delight

People come to events to have a good time. Everyone’s schedules are always full, and by coming to an event, people make a conscious decision to make time for it. Nobody wants dry facts, but by surprising or presenting them in an unexpected way, even facts can cause an emotional reaction. And an emotional reaction leaves an impression that lives on in peoples’ mind.

At Woltti, we help you surprise your clients with joy and make every one of your company’s events and encounters unique and surprising. Let’s plan an event together that exceeds expectations, amazes, surprises, touches, and at its best, leaves your audience speechless.

Project management ensures details

A successful event requires careful planning and strong implementation, all the way down to the details. If something is left unplanned, it’s difficult to replace at implementation stage. At worst, a small neglect can cause dissatisfied guests and endanger the whole investment.

At Woltti, we offer a robust international know-how to event production and make sure to consider all the important details. Our transparent and cost-efficient formula, as well as our predictive budgeting ensure the company’s event producers can feel confident that the event will succeed in the planned way and exceed client expectations.

Our versatile know-how consists of

  • Event management & logistics
  • Event production
  • Exhibition design and production
  • Budget development and financial management
  • Logistics
  • Equipment and rental requirements
  • Storage and inventory management
  • Vendor management
  • Conference design and production
  • Workshop design
  • Presentation design
  • Sound set, video and lighting design

Our other Services

Concepts & strategy

With events, people’s emotions can be affected even more efficiently than via television, but without strategic thinking, your efforts are haphazard.

Experiential marketing

Experiential marketing creates the strongest emotional imprint, and it offers the most effective way to engage customers with the brand.

International events

A single contact person who takes care of everything related to organising an international event on your behalf makes daily life substantially easier. We at Woltti have planned and organised hundreds of international events in almost every part of the world.

Digital services & videos

Videos, presentations and other digital content are outstanding tools to affect emotions. We at Wolt will help you illustrate important messages and tell stories with the help of digital content and channels.

Internal communication

The best tool for affecting emotions are events. A well-organised event as a part of change management pays for itself in satisfied employees who will eventually lead to satisfied customers.

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Project manager

Do you think that encounters between people make the world a better place? Are you multi-skilled and passionate about events?…


Event producer

Do you think that encounters between people make the world a better place? Are you multi-skilled and passionate about events?…

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