Concepts & strategy

Conceptualize encounters

Every encounter and event of a brand should be conceptualized and planned as a part of the marketing and sales strategy so that the company is able to create a better relationship with its clients. When the company understands where the clients are, where to encounter them, and from what point of view to encounter them, it can better affect the clients’ emotions and attitudes in the desired way.

An event marketing strategy helps you stand out

Strategies based on the business plan help companies stand out from others, whether the strategy is related to marketing, events, social media or recruiting. With events, people’s emotions can be affected on a personal level, even more efficiently than via television. But without strategic thinking, your efforts are haphazard.

We at Woltti help our clients create event strategies and conceptualize important encounters. An event strategy co-ordinates and prioritizes what to do, as well as give direction for the implementation of the event. At its best, a strategically planned event concept can become a brand or a phenomenon of its own that lives on as stories from person to person.

Effective sponsoring creates added value

You should also create a strategy for sponsoring. This helps companies focus on sponsorship that is valuable for them and give their audience encounters that would not otherwise be there. Effective sponsorship that creates added value requires commitment and involvement from the sponsored brand. Sponsoriship is an effective way to reach the desired audience when the sponsoring is done in a way that is interesting and inspiring for the audience.

Our versatile knowhow consists of

  • Event marketing strategy
  • Event portfolio planning
  • Consept & Desing
  • Audience Generation
  • Audience Engagement
  • Brand consulting
  • Sponsorship strategy
  • Sponsorship consulting
  • Partnership evaluation, negotiation & management
  • Event audits & reporting
  • Consumer & customer analysis
  • Competitor analysis

Our other Services

Experiential marketing

Experiential marketing creates the strongest emotional imprint, and it offers the most effective way to engage customers with the brand.

International events

A single contact person who takes care of everything related to organising an international event on your behalf makes daily life substantially easier. We at Woltti have planned and organised hundreds of international events in almost every part of the world.

Event production

At the core of every event is the client. What touches them, what makes them say wow? An impressive event doesn’t just happen. Good planning is the key to a successful event.

Digital services & videos

Videos, presentations and other digital content are outstanding tools to affect emotions. We at Wolt will help you illustrate important messages and tell stories with the help of digital content and channels.

Internal communication

The best tool for affecting emotions are events. A well-organised event as a part of change management pays for itself in satisfied employees who will eventually lead to satisfied customers.

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Do you think that encounters between people make the world a better place? Are you multi-skilled and passionate about events?…

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