A new MTV – for experiences

The core idea was to create an MTV experience for the event visitors

A new coherent look on every platform

MTV is Finland’s leading media company and produces TV, radio and online content. MTV launched a new brand look and message; at the core of the message is how MTV creates and shares the most talked about experiences in Finland through different events and branded channels on all platforms. Even if in real life that happens off-screen.

An MTV experience by anticipating and surprising

The launch was MTV’s most important customer event of 2013. The event was also the largest renewal project since MTV and MTV3 joined forces. The event was launched to a carefully selected target group before the national launch. By knowing the target audience, we could anticipate and exceed their expectations. The core idea was to create an MTV experience for the event visitors. To implement this, we utilised solid MTV content, the biggest names within the entertainment industry, innovative event structures and modern technology.

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