A genuine GoT experience awarded first place at the Evento Awards

Woltti’s launch of the sixth season of the Game of Thrones TV series took first place in the 2017 Evento Awards’ promotions/launches category.

A genuine experience by combining digital experiences and real life activations

A free five-day Game of Thrones event functioned as the launch of a new viewing season and as a thank you to the fans of the successful series. The omnichannel interactive experience placed the guests into the series’ familiar views and it was possible to share the experience with friends on social media. Instead of traditional advertising, the marketing focused on social media shares.

The objective of the event was to create a genuine experience that was tailored to the fans. The concept combined digital experiences and activations that could be shared directly on social media. The event aimed to reach existing fans and to also create new viewers. The event surpassed all expectations.

A not-so-traditional campaign implementation

The campaign was implemented using not-so-traditional methods, such as guerrilla radio transmissions and by utilising different public figures in an impressive way. The event venue was a visible location with plenty of out-of-town visitors. The visitor numbers were exceeded threefold compared to the goals and the event experience turned out to be a hot topic in the media.

The launch was the winner of the 2017 Evento Awards

Woltti’s launch of the sixth season of the Game of Thrones TV series took first place in the 2017 Evento Awards’ promotions/launches category. Different types of promotional and launch events participate in this series. The most important thing is that the event has managed to increase brand awareness or introduced customers to a completely new product.

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