AMPRIS – a media stunt like no other

AMPRIS was awarded the best launch event at the 2017 Evento Awards

Best product launch

AMPRIS was Prisma’s best product launch of all time in its own product category. The concept was built around a large media stunt that piqued the interest of the Finnish media and public figures. The idea was revealed at the event, and AMPRIS changed back to PRISMA in almost real time in all the media that had been included the product marketing.

Brand marketing at its best

AMPRIS was experiential brand marketing at its best and it was awarded the best launch event at the 2017 Evento Awards.

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Concepts & strategy

With events, people’s emotions can be affected even more efficiently than via television, but without strategic thinking, your efforts are haphazard.

Event production

At the core of every event is the client. What touches them, what makes them say wow? An impressive event doesn't just happen. Good planning is the key to a successful event.

The Gas Fest 2017 – working together

Co-creation workshops instead of a traditional conference


NOR-SHIPPING 2015 & Wärtsilä 31

The campaign drew a lot of attention in the industry and won the best product launch award at the 2015 Evento Awards.


Sunday Grandmas – pay it forward

A genuine desire to do good


Paroc – surprising product marketing

Unique differentiation and warm service


IBM Watson Summit – an entire city

The event concept has been hyped all the way to IBM Europe and USA


MONI – parties for the chosen few

THE party that everyone wants to join


A genuine GoT experience awarded first place at the Evento Awards

A genuine experience by combining digital experiences and real life activations


IF – Risk Management Day renewal

A successful event made even better


A new MTV – for experiences

The core idea was to create an MTV experience for the event visitors


DNA <3 Jolla - the funniest queue

Unique collaboration


SuomiAreena mobile application

A better event experience with the help of an application


The Veikkaus sauna – a place to dream

Veikkaus wanted to increase awareness of Lotto amongst youth.