The gift that will keep on giving in the future

The Finland100 theme year inspired Wärtsilä

Finnish technology company Wärtsilä wanted to strengthen its brand image as a modern and digital company to honour Finland’s centenary. The main goal was to increase brand visibility and brand awareness by building a campaign that would give back to the country and its citizens. We decided to build a truly unique gift and an integrated omnichannel campaign that could communicate the lesser-known, environmentally-friendly side of the company.

A societally significant gift

What could be a better gift for Finns than cleaner seas and environment? Wärtsilä became a pilot collaboration partner for the Seabin project. To help spread the message, Wärtsilä sent a SUP paddler on a special 1,300 kilometre journey. A total of 18 different summer events were built around this journey along the Finnish coastline.

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